The Game

Etherpoly is an augmented reality game on the blockchain

Buy and develop virtual cities

City tokens are stored in the immutable Ethereum blockchain. They cannot be removed nor replicated, unless you decide to trade them to another person.

Virtual cities generate virtual revenues, and can be upgraded in multiple ways. OLY cryptocurrency revenues allow you to buy additional cities that are on sale for OLY. All unsold cities can be acquired with OLY.

Game specifications

Become a real estate magnate

Acquire cities and upgrade them to boost their revenues

Increase in value

Circulating city tokens are of limited supply, as the countries are hard-coded into the contract. By upgrading your cities, you significantly increase their generated revenues in Oly cryptocurrency.

Upgrade your cities

By building houses, hotels, offices or factories, you can increase the cities' generated revenues. Each upgrade has its own benefits. Chose wisely which will yield the highest increase!

Freely trade cities

You can acquire more strategic cities, or trade your existing cities in ethereum, or in "OLY", the in-game currency. As per the ERC 721 token standards, you can also freely transfer your cities.

Earn OLY tokens

Etherpoly is the first game to incorporate its own ERC20 compliant in-game currency. Your cities earn you OLY depending on their productivity, which increases as you upgrade them.


How to buy tokens with Metamask

The Metamask pluging is required to buy your virtual city token. Metamask is a wallet and a browser extension that allows you to interact with the Ethereum network. After transfering ether into your metamask wallet, explore the world and chose the desired city that is for sale, select it, and click on Buy Token. Make sure your gas price is setup according to the recommendation at the Eth Gas Station. After your transaction is confirmed, the city will be yours, and you will immediately start earning your "Oly" cryptocurrency, and be able to construct improvements and transfer or sell your city. City tokens will be owned by your wallet address as ERC721 tokens. These can then be sold on Etherpoly at the value of your choice, in Eth or in Oly.